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    The Ultimate Website Migration Checklist
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    How will this free Ultimate Website Migration checklist help you?

    If you’ve never supported website migration before

    You’ll learn all steps you need to make during all 5 stages of any website migration. This will help you be confident in your process.

    If you’ve already done a couple of migrations

    The checklist will help you see if there are gaps in your current strategy that you can patch to improve your approach.

    If you’ve supported many website migrations in the past

    The checklist will help you improve your current processes and make sure you’re covering everything. #neverstoplearning

    What’s inside?

    I created this Ultimate Website Migration Checklist based on my experience migrating many medium and large websites in the past.

    You’ll find all steps you as an SEO need to make in order to make the website migration you’re supporting successful (many of these steps are never mentioned by other checklists).

    All steps are broken down into 5 migration stages you’ll go through.

    My goal is to help you feel like this:

    The Ultimate Website Migration Checklist will help you support the following types of website migrations:

    Domain migrations · Subdomain migrations · CMS migrations · URLs migrations · Redesigns

    Who created this awesome checklist?

    I’m Kristina Azarenko.

    My 10+ years of hands-on SEO experience have helped me become really good at what I do. In the last few years, I’ve been specializing in technical SEO

    I’ve done it all:

    → Website audits
    → Website migrations
    → Implementing redirects, canonicals, meta robots tags…
    → Creating SEO documentation for custom websites 
    → Developing technical SEO frameworks for a content management system empowering hundreds of websites

    Kristina Azarenko Technical SEO Pro course author and Tech SEO expert

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