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“As a former in-house SEO, I really struggled to prioritize my SEO recommendations. I got so frustrated that I quit, as I could not get anything done.

After this course, I am confident to choose the right SEO recommendations and I am able to communicate them to stakeholders and the dev team in a way they can understand.

I’ve also learned to step out of my SEO perspective and to focus more on the main business goals with my SEO work.”

Susanne Nauroth, SEO Manager (Freelance)


It’s Time to Learn to Speak the Same Language with Developers and finally  BE HEARD 

It’s not a secret that these days, your ability to collaborate with development teams and get your SEO strategy implemented does not only speed up the results of your work.

Many companies will require you to be good at communication and cross-team collaboration, especially if you’re aiming for senior and manager positions.

And if you work with clients, the sooner you bring SEO results, the happier the client will be and the more people they’ll refer to you.

It’s a MUST-have skill

Get SEO implemented Bridge Framework by Kristina Azarenko, MarketingSyrup SEO Academy.



“Before the course, I was almost afraid of developers and I always thought that they were superior than me.

The 7 steps to achieve a win-win scenario I learned in Get SEO Implemented are very practical and using them, I feel better and no more frustrated.

Don’t wait to buy the course even if you don’t have problems with developers because it gives many skills about negotiation that are always useful in any team and clients.”

Francesca, SEO Specialist


Get SEO Implemented, a course for SEO specialists who want to be seen, heard, and respected.
Alexis, Tech SEO Pro student review: "I was able to have a seat at the tabel of the technical topics discussions by taking this course. I understand now how to talk to my development team..."
Felix, a Tech SEO Pro student review: "I can say confidently now that I collaborate with the Dev team of my company. This is because I first have an understanding what is going on so I can better communicate it."


Kristina Azarenko - Tech SEO Pro course creator, Technical SEO coach, international speaker, SEO expert

Meet your Technical SEO coach

I’m Kristina Azarenko — an International speaker, Linkedin Learning instructor, and experienced SEO professional.

As seen on:

Kristina Azarenko seen on SERanking
Kristina Azarenko seen on Search Engine Journal
Kristina Azarenko seen on Women in Tech SEO
Kristina Azarenko seen on Google Tech SEO webinar
Kristina Azarenko seen on Semrush
Kristina Azarenko seen on Search Engine Land
Kristina Azarenko seen on Hotjar

I’ve spent the last 10+ years in the world of SEO.


→ Conducted website audits
→ Managed website migrations
→ Implemented redirects, canonicals, meta robots tags…
→ Created SEO documentation for custom websites
→ Developed technical SEO frameworks for a content management system empowering hundreds of websites

And I’ve done it all without writing a single line of “code”.

I developed the “TSP Method” as a more effective way for SEOs like you to gain confidence in your technical SEO skills so you can be fully prepared for any job interview or technical SEO project.

I wasn’t born with technical SEO these skills and I don’t have a web development or coding background. 

I’m like you—I just started earlier. 

I love technical SEO, and I’ll show you how to master it so you can feel more confident to take on complex projects.  

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Are course lessons pre-recorded?

Yes, the content is pre-recorded so you can watch it at any time and pace that is convenient for you.

Can my company cover the expenses?

Absolutely yes!

In fact, many students are reimbursed as we’re trusted by many great companies around the world.

Please talk to your boss and/or the accounting department.

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Of course!

After the payment, you’ll get a confirmation email and an official invoice from MarketingSyrup.

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Are there closed captions available for all of the videos?

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