Tech SEO Pro by MarketingSyrup

This FREE training is for SEOs who want to trade imposter syndrome for
technical SEO superpower

How to become a pro in technical SEO so you can charge $5k for a tech SEO audit

without becoming a developer

Tech SEO Pro - Free webinar by Kristina Azarenko

Inside this free webinar for SEOs you’ll discover:

The top mistakes that are causing your imposter syndrome 

With the amount of information (and misinformation) online about technical SEO, it can be easy to fall into the common mistakes that lead you to feeling stuck and intimidated.

Learn how to avoid these top mistakes and take your power back!

3-step proven process to get confident in your technical SEO skills quickly

The 1 thing that will help you be heard and get a seat at the table

The whole “you need coding skills to be a technical SEO” thing in our industry didn’t land well with me