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Tech SEO Pro review

Are you tired of being overwhelmed by conflicting technical SEO advice and having no structured way to learn and make decisions yourself?

Technical SEO can feel so intimidating. Stressing over the errors and not knowing how to fix them and whether they need to be fixed in the first place… It IS scary.

And you have valid reasons for that! 

It’s easy to get tripped up by jargon, like “canonical tags”, “crawling”, “page experience and core web vitals”, “server configuration”.

And then you also hear people saying that you need to learn HTML, CSS, Javascript… and now Python (!) to be a good technical SEO. 

→ It feels so intimidating.

Do you actually need to become a developer to be able to grasp all technical SEO concepts???

Or you might get technical SEO. But still, sometimes you’re completely lost

→ How do you prioritize your findings after you do a crawl? 

→ How do you know what things will actually move the needle?

And you know that a lack of strong tech SEO knowledge is limiting you in your career. 

You want to become an SEO lead, a manager, a director or start your own consultancy. But you’re not confident that you can actually bring results to your clients or employer. 

I know. I’ve been there. 

Technical SEO scared me

When I first started learning technical SEO, I was so overwhelmed.

You might be feeling the same now.

You watch YouTube videos…

Read Twitter threads…

You google the answers… 

You ask questions on Slack, forums…

You talk to your colleagues…

Or even go to developers hoping they will help you with your tech SEO questions…

So, in the end, you have 1254637 browser tabs opened with blog posts, YouTube videos… and feeling even more desperate than before you started your research. 


Don’t get me wrong, some of it might even work.

→ But it’s time-consuming

→ It’s not sustainable

→ You get conflicting answers

→ And there’s no structure in how you learn

Moreover, these resources still don’t explain to you the WHY and HOW behind the technical SEO issues you’re facing. So in the end, you’re back to square one.

It’s time to OWN your tech SEO knowledge!

Here’s the thing:

If you want to be <confident> when making and prioritizing technical SEO recommendations (and be trusted by your team and clients)…

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. How to identify technical SEO issues
  2. How to understand why this issue occurred
  3. How to know if this is a real issue or a “nice-to-have” thing
  4. How to prioritize the issues you identified so you can concentrate on what brings results to your clients
  5. How to get the technical SEO issues fixed 

Just imagine being a Pro in technical SEO

Oh, what a wonderful world:

  • You’re confident when making technical SEO recommendations
  • You can speak the tech SEO language and contribute to the meetings
  • You can do quality website audits and then easily QA the implementation
  • You can fix many things yourself without waiting for the developers 
  • You know how to prioritize technical SEO issues and concentrate on those that will move the needle

Being good at technical SEO will help you to…

  • Become a more advanced SEO professional
  • Take on a better role as an SEO and be paid more
  • Move into an SEO Lead, Manager or Director position
  • Stay competitive in the job market 
  • Start your SEO consultancy or an agency
  • Provide much more value to your clients and save the cost of outsourcing
  • Increase your prices and expand your services
  • Build a strong SEO team and train them to handle technical SEO issues
  • Make more money as you will provide more value to your clients
  • Work from anywhere
Tech SEO Pro - review

Future-proof your career

Join the top 1% of the SEO industry professionals who are good at technical SEO:

SEO Ladder: know SEO, good at on-page SEO, Pro in Tech SEO

The big question is:

How can you become confident in your technical SEO knowledge and be less dependable on developers, blogs and YouTube videos?

Introducing Tech SEO Pro

THAT! Technical SEO Course

Tech SEO Pro - Technical SEO course by MarketingSyrup Academy - Kristina Azarenko

I became so tired of seeing that many people say that a tech SEO must be a developer too. This is BS. 

That’s why I created the Tech SEO course – to help YOU become an advanced SEO even if you don’t have coding experience or developer background. It will help you navigate the common pitfalls and challenges so that you can stay focused on what matters most: helping your clients or your website succeed!

Tech SEO Pro isn’t just a course.

It’s a learning experience designed to take you by the hand and teach you the principles and strategies needed to become an advanced technical SEO professional.

  • Easy-to-follow lessons
  • Over-the-shoulder tutorials
  • Practical explanations
  • Practical homework
  • Built-in accountability 
  • Community support of like-minded people

Tech SEO Pro Course will help you become confident in your technical SEO knowledge and find the best solution in every situation. 

→ No more overwhelm by conflicting advice

→ No more stressing over the errors and not knowing how to fix them and whether they need to be fixed in the first place

→ No more guesswork in prioritizing the issues

In addition to proven technical SEO strategies, you will learn how to THINK as a technical SEO. So you’ll KNOW how to approach any technical SEO issue you’ll face.
Tech SEO Pro course review by student


Join Our International Community of Tech SEO Pros

If you don’t see your country, can we add your flag next?


Antanina Severdiajeva, Tech SEO Pro student:

The mains struggles before joining Tech SEO Pro:

Understanding how Google crawl works, and how JS affect the website

After the course:

The course explained everything! Kristina is amazing teacher which mixes theory with practical example for an easy understanding.

If you have ever thought of learning Tech SEO – this is the course! Sign up now and gear up as you’ll learn so much. Thanks for the knowledge, Kristina. 


Alex Lazarchuk, Tech SEO Pro student:

Trusting Kristina’s expertise and authority, I knew there will be no nonsense. Some parts were simply mind-blowing technical for me. 

I definitely noted that now it’s easier for me to talk to devs, prioritise and describe tasks. And I learned how to use Chrome dev tools more efficiently, that’s a break-through for me, as before I didn’t know how to look at the data there.

The important thing for me personally is that Tech SEO Pro became my big motivator in a decision to focus on SEO only. 

Thank you for being a great teacher, mentor and motivator!

Course details

Tech SEO Pro consists of 10 powerful modules

Just imagine having all tech SEO answers under your fingertips!


Available modules

These modules are already recorded and you’ll get instant access to them once you join the course!

Module 1: Welcome

Instant access • 5 min

Videos included:

  • Your Success in the Course

Your results after this module:

  • This module will set you up for a great start 
  • You’ll understand how this course works and how to get the most out of it
  • You’ll meet like-minded people

Module 2: Falling in Love with Technical SEO

Instant access • 13 min

Videos included:

Your results after this module:

  • You’ll understand the fundamental difference between on-page and technical SEO
  • You’ll get an ultimate framework of 3 pillars of Technical SEO
  • You’ll see what power you have over website’s ranking as a technical SEO

Module 3: How Google Works

Instant access • 49 min

Videos included:

  • What happens before a page can rank: 5 stages you must know – Preview for free
  • Crawling: robots.txt
  • Indexing: meta robots index, noindex

Your results after this module:

  • You’ll get a full picture of all the stages a page goes through before it appears in the search results
  • You’ll be many steps ahead of most SEOs who can’t explain crawling, indexing, rendering and ranking
  • You’ll be able to stay away from the common mistakes most SEOs make when they try to control crawling and indexing
  • You’ll see unexpected results of my SEO experiment with page indexing

Module 4: Controlling Crawling and Indexing of a Website Like a Pro

Instant access • 3 hr 12 min

Videos included:

  • How to check if a page is indexed and how to get a page indexed quickly
  • 3 Types of canonical tags and their purpose
  • Why did Google choose a different canonical tag?
  • Using HTTP status codes for the win – Preview for free
  • Redirects and redirect chains (how to use + bad examples)
  • Setting up redirects (via plugins, cPanel and .htaccess)
  • How to use cURL for HTTP Requests
  • How to fix duplicate content issues (common + eCommerce examples) – Preview for free
  • The ultimate guide to handling website pages
  • Sitemap.xml

Your results after this module:

  • You’ll understand possible indexing issues and know how to solve them
  • You’ll understand how Google chooses canonical pages and how you can influence that (hint: it’s not only about canonical tags)
  • You’ll find 5 possible reasons why Google chooses wrong canonical tags on your website
  • You’ll learn everything you need to know about HTTP status codes (and the best analogy for them), redirect chains, duplicate content and so much more!
  • You’ll know how to fix duplicate content issues, including eCommerce-specific ones
  • You’ll get an ultimate guide on handling any page on your website

Module 5: Internal Linking: the Devil is In the Detail

Instant access • 3 hr

Videos included:

  • URL structure: what works and what doesn’t
  • How to approach URLs with parameters
  • What makes a perfect website structure
  • Everything you need to know about internal linking – Preview for free
  • Actionable ways to improve internal links
  • Internal linking at scale
  • Pagination: how to handle it the right way

Your results after this module:

  • You’ll learn all secrets of creating a winning URL structure (including one thing that 99% of SEOs don’t know)
  • You’ll understand how to handle URLs with parameters (heads up: it’s not always straightforward)
  • You’ll know how to build the right website structure and 1 of the most important things that should drive your decisions
  • You’ll learn the answers to the most discussed topic: Buttons vs. Links
  • You’ll get 7 actionable ways to analyze and improve internal links that you can use right now
  • You’ll learn how to set up internal linking at scale
  • You’ll understand how to set up pagination the right way
  • You’ll learn the best ways to use faceted navigation for eCommerce websites
Tech SEO Pro review

Module 6: Page Experience from a Technical Point of View

Instant access • 1 hr 22 min

Videos included:

  • SSL, HTTPS and security
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Valid HTML Page Structure – Preview for free
  • Structured data: important things you need to know
  • The best ways to implement structured data manually and at scale

Your results after this module:

  • You’ll understand what Secure Sockets Layer is and how it’s related to SEO
  • You’ll learn unexpected things about mobile-friendliness
  • You’ll understand what valid page structure is and how to make it work for SEO
  • You’ll know what tags should never ever be found in the <head>
  • You’ll get my simple process to implement structured data

Module 7: Advanced Page Speed Optimization

Instant access • 2 hr 36 min

Videos included:

  • Core Web Vitals: facts and secrets – Preview for free
  • Analyze Core Web Vitals like a pro
  • Advanced page speed optimization
  • How to approach page speed optimization as an SEO
  • How browsers work – Preview for free
  • PageSpeed Optimization from a developer’s perspective – a bonus session with Erwin Hofman

Your results after this module:

  • You’ll understand CVW and the 2 ways they are measured
  • You’ll learn secrets about your Core Web Vitals scores
  • You’ll get all tools you need to properly analyze page speed
  • You’ll learn how to provide meaningful page speed recommendations
  • You’ll understand the right way to approach CWV optimization efficiently
  • You’ll get the ultimate scheme for page speed improvements that will save you time
  • You’ll learn how browsers work and what you can do to optimize critical rendering path

Module 8: Javascript SEO

Instant access • 1 hr 27 min

Videos included:

  • Google rendering. Client-side rendering vs server-side rendering – Preview for free
  • Source code vs rendered HTML: how to check it the right way
  • JavaScript SEO issues: examples and explanations
  • SEO-friendly JavaScript: best practices
  • Using Screaming Frog for JS debugging
  • 3 steps to debug JavaScript issues and win
  • Debugging a NextJS website + infinite scroll
  • Debugging an eCommerce website
  • Debugging link blocks on a website
  • Debugging a pop-up and content in tabs
  • Bonus video: Lazy Loading debugging on Search Central Live

Your results after this module:

  • You will understand how Google renders websites (and why it’s different from how browsers do it)
  • You will learn why JavaScript can be tricky and what SEO issues it can cause
  • You’ll understand the difference between client-side and server-side rendering
  • You’ll learn the 3-step framework of JavaScript debugging (so you’ll know exactly how to do it in different settings and with any frameworks)
  • You’ll know how to make sure the JavaScript used on a website is SEO-friendly


Giovanni D’Anna, Tech SEO Pro student:

I had no idea where to start when it was about JavaScript, and finding information online on random sites was just adding more confusion in my brains.

Now I feel I can debug every damn site <3

I’m basically revolutioning the site I work for, the boss is shocked by the amount of things that I found out in the last weeks, and a promotion is just around the corner thanks to YOU Kristina!!

Module 9: Technical SEO Website Audit

Instant access • 53 min

Videos included:

  • The technical SEO audit checklist
  • How to not get overwhelmed (even if you audit a website with millions of pages) – Preview for free
  • Importance of a manual check (and how not to fall into the rabbit hole)
  • Technical SEO Audit template: putting everything together

Your results after this module:

Technical SEO Audit Checklist from Tech SEO Pro course by MarketingSyrup
  • You’ll get an ultimate checklist for a technical SEO audit with reference to the course lessons
  • You’ll learn a secret that will help you to simplify your auditing process and not get overwhelmed (even by websites with millions and millions of pages)
  • You’ll get an audit template that you can use for your clients

Module 10: Prioritizing technical SEO recommendations

Instant access • 11 min

Videos included:

  • An ultimate framework for prioritizing your technical SEO recommendations – Preview for free

Your results after this module:

  • You’ll understand how to prioritize SEO issues so that you can provide the right recommendations at the right time
  • You’ll understand the thing you need to consider to prioritize your recommendations
  • You’ll get an ultimate framework for prioritizing technical SEO issues

Bonus sessions from the best guest speakers

PageSpeed Optimization from a developer’s perspective

Instant access • 1 hr 18 min • Module 7


Erwin Hofman

A web performance consultant, “the page speed guy”. 

Cool things you’ll learn:

  • The right way to structure the <head> section for SEO and page speed optimization 
  • A curious thing about using @import 
  • What is the first thing you need to consider when optimizing a website for speed
  • Why field and lab test scores might be very different  
  • Caching URLs with parameters
  • What is Interaction to Next Paint and why it might become part of CWV
  • Why delaying all JavaScript loading is not the best approach

Your Technical SEO certification

After completing the Tech SEO Pro course, you’ll get a certificate to prove that. You can add it to LinkedIn and/or your CV!

Technical SEO certification

What is it worth for you to be confident in your tech SEO knowledge?

What is it worth for you…

→ If I help you to increase your salary or find a better-paying job?

→ If I help you expand your services and get more clients?

→ If I save you from the headache of hiring the wrong people who don’t know tech SEO?

→ If I save you 3 hours a week for the next year by showing you the ready-to-use answers?

You have two options…

Option #1:

Keep doing what you’ve been doing (and be frustrated and annoyed with the results)

Option #2:

Join Tech SEO Pro and let me help you build the technical SEO expertise that will allow you to future-proof your career…

Tech SEO Pro Premium

Exclusive Offer

One-time payment of

$997 $697

Payment methods: credit, debit cards or paypal

Payment is processed and secured by Stripe and PayPal by 128bit SSL encrypted payment.

What’s included:

  • All 10 Tech SEO Pro modules
  • A detailed technical SEO audit checklist
  • Prioritization framework for tech SEO issues
  • Checklists and templates
  • Certificate of completion
  • Lifetime access 
  • Future updates for free
Tech SEO Pro for Agencies

Buy 4, Get 1 Free

One-time payment of

$4985 $2787

Need a custom plan? Email us

Payment methods: credit, debit cards or paypal

Payment is processed and secured by Stripe and PayPal by 128bit SSL encrypted payment.

What’s included:

  • 5 Premium licenses to:
  • All 10 Tech SEO Pro modules
  • A detailed technical SEO audit checklist
  • Prioritization framework for tech SEO issues
  • Checklists and templates
  • Certificate of completion
  • Lifetime access 
  • Future updates for free

After enrolling in the course, you’ll get an invoice and a confirmation email. 

Tech SEO Pro review

What industry are you working in?

SEOs working in the following industries have joined Tech SEO Pro:

Accounting · Automotive · Design · Digital Marketing · eCommerce · Education · Freelance · Journalism · Manufacturing · Marketing & Advertising · Retail · Technology · Transportation · Web Design

Why learn technical SEO from me?

Hi, a soon-to-be tech SEO Pro!

I’m Kristina Azarenko.

My 10+ years of hands-on SEO experience have helped me become really good at what I do. In the last few years, I’ve been specializing in technical SEO

I’ve done it all:

→ Website audits
→ Website migrations
→ Implementing redirects, canonicals, meta robots tags…
→ Creating SEO documentation for custom websites 
→ Developing technical SEO frameworks for a content management system empowering hundreds of websites

Kristina Azarenko Technical SEO Pro course author and Tech SEO expert

But most importantly, I am a human who was not born with these skills and who doesn’t have a development background. 

I’m like you, I just started earlier. 

I love technical SEO, I feel like my brain thinks in sync with it. 

And I’ll show you the way to being a tech SEO pro!

As seen on:

Kristina Azarenko seen on SERanking
Kristina Azarenko seen on Women in Tech SEO
Kristina Azarenko seen on Google Tech SEO webinar
Kristina Azarenko seen on Semrush
Kristina Azarenko seen on Search Engine Land
Kristina Azarenko seen on Hotjar

Here are some more formal facts about me:

  • A Technical SEO consultant 
  • Was featured in Search Engine Land post as one of the 13 women shaping the SEO industry
  • An international speaker (Women in Tech SEO Festival, Google Search Central conference, Semrush, Serpstat, etc.)
  • Creator of the SEO Pro extension with 40k+ users
  • Creator of eCommerce SEO Mastery and SEO Challenge course with 600+ students
  • Helped my previous students find jobs, move to SEO roles, get more clients through my courses 
  • Friends of Search SEO Awards judge
  • LinkedIn Learning instructor
  • A teacher by education

The Tech SEO Pro Course is for you if:

  • You already have some SEO experience 
  • You’re ready to uplevel your technical SEO skills
  • You are willing to put in work and get practical knowledge
  • You are ready to roll up your sleeves and do the homework 
  • You want to advance your career using technical SEO skills
  • You recognize the importance of technical SEO for a well-rounded professional

The Tech SEO Pro Course is NOT for you if:

  • You are a complete newbie and want to learn all aspects of SEO including on-page (in this case, SEO Challenge is a better fit for you)
  • You already know everything and don’t need to uplevel your technical SEO skills
  • You expect results without going through the course and doing homework
  • You are not ready to learn how to THINK as a technical SEO and find solutions based on your knowledge. 
  • You know what the course should consist of better than the course creator




female students





We’re trusted by smart folks from top companies

Tech SEO Pro featured on Search Engine Land:

Search Engine Land - Tech SEO Pro mention


So far I’m super happy about your course. I really like how you explain technical things in a “storytelling way”. I particularly enjoyed the lessons about URL directories and canonical. The overall course is great and my SEO technical knowledge is getting better and better.

— Sara Perniola


The course has already helped me with my work. I now understand even better robots.txt, canonical tags, noindex etc.  What I also like about the course is that I can consult with other SEO’s. Happy that I started.

— Leroy van den Enden


The modules are so thorough, detailed and well-explained that I know I’ll walk away with even more confidence by the end. I’ve already taken away some new ideas for my various workflows (ex: tips for using Google Search Console). I know these modules are going to be a valuable resource for me going forward; for example, I’ve already re-watched the crawling/rendering/indexing video (house photographer example) because it was so helpful.

— Hayley Lemmons

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn in the Tech SEO Pro course?

You will learn everything you need to know to THINK as a technical SEO so that you can own your knowledge and confidently rely on them in different situations.

You will also learn how to provide SEO recommendations and prioritize them so that they get implemented.

How is Tech SEO Pro different from other SEO courses out there?

There are 2 things that I always hear from my students about my course:

  • I explain complex things easily so that they understand them
  • The course is super practical

That’s exactly what I love and am proud of. Most courses fail to tie theory to real life. I, on the other hand, teach real life examples and add theory so that students can find solutions in different situations themselves. If there were a university program on technical SEO, that would be Tech SEO Pro.

And one more thing I’d add – Tech SEO Pro is the first course on technical SEO I know created by a female, and we have 49% of female students inside (which I love!).

What are the course topics?

Check out the details on each of the 10 modules here!

Do I need to have a developer background to become a technical SEO?

Absolutely not! There’s no need to be a developer to be able to code to become a successful technical SEO. After all, everybody should be responsible for their part of the job.

You just need to know enough about such technical aspects as crawling, indexing, and JavaScript influence as well as how browsers work and how JS and CSS influence page speed. The great news – you’ll learn all of it in the Tech SEO Pro course.

Are course lessons pre-recorded?


Once you join Tech SEO Pro, you’ll get instant access to all the lessons inside the course.

It’s very convenient as you can go through your course and complete homework at your own pace. There’s no need to worry that you’ll miss anything.

Can my company cover the expenses?

Absolutely yes!

In fact, many students are reimbursed as we’re trusted by many great companies around the world.

Please talk to your boss and/or the accounting department.

Will I get an invoice after I join Tech SEO Pro?

Of course!

After the payment, you’ll get a confirmation email and an official invoice from MarketingSyrup.

You can even have your company’s name to be included (during the checkout or afterwards) for accounting purposes.

Here’s an example of our invoice:

Is the Tech SEO Pro course focused on any particular content management system?

No, the course is universal. The knowledge that you will get can be applied in any setting.

The Tech SEO Pro course gives you an understanding of how tech SEO works and how you can use its tools to help websites to rank.

I intentionally don’t center my course around any specific platform. Because once you have the right knowledge, it’s on you to go and adjust it to Shopify, WordPress, etc.

My goal is to help people think as tech SEOs, not give them a sequence of buttons they should click.

After all, each CMS has documentation, support, etc. And their SEO capabilities are changing all the time (take Shopify or Wix as examples). So creating up-to-date tutorials for each CMS would take a lifetime… and nobody will end up watching 200 hours of videos.

How long does it take to go through Tech SEO Pro?

The course length is 13+ hours.

Plus, you’d want to complete your homework.

So it’s safe to say you’d need at least 20 hours to finish Tech SEO Pro.

Since you’ll be doing it at your own pace, you can choose the best times that work for you.

What is the difference between the SEO Challenge course and Tech SEO Pro?

SEO Challenge covers all aspects of SEO, including on-page, link building and technical. It’s best suitable for beginner-intermediate level.

Tech SEO Pro is intermediate-advanced level and it covers only technical SEO, deeper than SEO Challenge.

What if I don’t have much time to spend on it right now?

That’s understandable, we all have long to-do lists and commitments.

The Course is recorded and consists of bite-sized lessons you can watch when you have time. Moreover, you’ll have lifetime access to it!

Are there closed captions available for all of the videos?

Yes, each video has an option to enable closed captions in English.

Will it be a good fit for me?

That’s a great question! I want you to be 100% happy about joining Tech SEO Pro. So you can see here who is a great fit for the course and decide if it’s you.

How much time does each module take?

The modules will be different lengths, so the time you’ll need to spend for them will vary. You can find the module length next to each module above

Does the course cover web migrations?

Tech SEO Pro gives you everything you need to know to become an advanced technical SEO. Website migrations is a specific case that is not covered here.

But the great news is that we have a separate course for that – SEO-Friendly Website Migrations & Redesigns that you can join right now.

Plus, when you purchase the Tech SEO Course, we are also offering a special one-time offer specifically for a SEO-Friendly Website Migrations Course.

Still have questions? Send us an email and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

Tech SEO Pro Premium

Exclusive Offer

One-time payment of

$997 $697

Payment methods: credit, debit cards or paypal

Payment is processed and secured by Stripe and PayPal by 128bit SSL encrypted payment.

What’s included:

  • All 10 Tech SEO Pro modules
  • A detailed technical SEO audit checklist
  • Prioritization framework for tech SEO issues
  • Checklists and templates
  • Certificate of completion
  • Lifetime access 
  • Future updates for free
Tech SEO Pro for Agencies

Buy 4, Get 1 Free

One-time payment of

$4985 $2787

Need a custom plan? Email us

Payment methods: credit, debit cards or paypal

Payment is processed and secured by Stripe and PayPal by 128bit SSL encrypted payment.

What’s included:

  • 5 Premium licenses to:
  • All 10 Tech SEO Pro modules
  • A detailed technical SEO audit checklist
  • Prioritization framework for tech SEO issues
  • Checklists and templates
  • Certificate of completion
  • Lifetime access 
  • Future updates for free

After enrolling in the course, you’ll get an invoice and a confirmation email.